If you have a sales team, there’s a good chance you’re engaged in cold reach-outs via phone, email, or both. Cold reach-outs definitely have their advantages as a cheap, direct, and effective practice, but how about diversifying your lead generation strategy?

Adding LinkedIn as a lead generation tool is the perfect complement to an outbound strategy. With LinkedIn, your team can conduct cold reach-outs (with personalized notes) while adding relevant individuals to his or her network.

A LinkedIn component adds a nurturing strategy to cold reach-outs and a point of reference for the professionals you’re calling or emailing.

1. Sales Navigator Delivers Highly-Targeted Prospects

I am a LinkedIn Premium member, paying $79.99 per month for access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I think this price is a steal and that many LinkedIn users overlook the wealth of information Sales Navigator provides.

In my article, This Is Why LinkedIn Sales Navigator Is Totally Worth It, I outline specific benefits that include pinpointing active profiles, executing detailed searches, and targeted engagement.

In short, your sales team will have the ability to search for active profiles in your specific target audience and then add those individuals to their network or reach out via InMail.

NOTE: Every salesperson I’ve enlightened to this practice has been blown away by the value of Sales Navigator.

2. LinkedIn Doesn’t Have to Be Intrusive

One tricky thing that comes up with LinkedIn and sales teams is the reality that employees leave the company and take their LinkedIn network with them. 

Should businesses invest in LinkedIn for their employees when that possibility exists?

I have two thoughts on this subject:

  • A company SHOULD NOT try to own an employee’s LinkedIn profile. I don’t care if the company invests in a LinkedIn profile optimization – dictating what an employee can do with his or her own digital real estate is wrong.
  • A company CAN find cost-effective ways to improve the LinkedIn profiles of its employees. I recently put together a specific optimization package for teams in which I offer a template that employees can fill out and implement themselves.

An investment in LinkedIn can be beneficial, even if an employee leaves the organization. By leveraging a template, you invest a minimal amount of money while allowing that template to be used by new employees as you replace those that have left.

3. A Unified Company Message Goes A Long Way

The LinkedIn algorithm is a hot topic on the platform these days with professionals wondering what “rules” to follow to generate maximum visibility.

Regardless of the algorithm’s nuances, one fact remains clear: the more individuals engaging a piece of content, the further it goes. That means a team of individuals engaging the same content will amplify it to the next level.

This includes company pages as well. As businesses grow, the relevance of a company page increases. With a large team liking and commenting on company page posts, those posts will generate more visibility.

I will admit, I thought LinkedIn company pages were dead until I started working with The Kiefer Foundation. The foundation’s chairman, Steve Kiefer, is a VP at General Motors, and does not use his personal profile to post for the foundation. A company page was necessary.

In one year, The Kiefer Foundation’s LinkedIn page has more than 1,100 followers with a recent post generating more than 73,000 impressions. 

It seems LinkedIn’s company pages have evolved from being next to irrelevant to being a powerful asset to larger companies and nonprofits.

Get Your Sales Team Involved

Combine cold reach-outs with a solid LinkedIn nurturing strategy to get the most out of your sales team. Whether you’re supplementing your reach-out strategy with LinkedIn prospecting or vice versa, I guarantee you’ll be glad you dipped your toe into the water of selling on LinkedIn.

If your interest is piqued and you’re ready to learn more, schedule a consult call today.

About Chrissie Zavicar

Chrissie Zavicar is a LinkedIn visibility expert and lead generator working with six- and seven-figure businesses. To learn more about her services, visit her LinkedIn profile or contact page.