Chrissie Zavicar is a LinkedIn specialist who helps clients optimize their profiles and develop meaningful engagements through her company, e-Link. Dr. Paul Kearney is a biotech entrepreneur specializing in data science and digital health.

Q: Why did you seek Chrissie’s help?

PK: I had been coasting along for years on LinkedIn, basically using it as a digital resume. A passive user. In recent years I found myself moving away from the single employer/employee model to having multiple engagements and initiatives. My profile was woefully out of date and I was not utilizing the networking opportunities of LinkedIn. Time for a change. Chrissie had come highly recommended and we started working on my profile.

Q: Can you describe that experience? Did it meet expectations?

PK: Profile optimization was a lot more intense and more rewarding than I expected. We didn’t make an incremental update to my profile, we rewrote it. I really appreciated Chrissie’s process; professional and personal. She listened and asked insightful questions. Professionally, who am I in 125 characters? How have my experiences shaped me? What is my professional story? Etc. When she came back with copy I was blown away.

Q: What have the results been like?

PK: Most importantly, I identify with my profile. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. The process Chrissie took me through also clarified for me my professional goals and interests. Recruiter searches have been more relevant, engagement with other LinkedIn users has increased, etc.

Q: How do you see profile optimization benefitting your industry?

PK: Biotech, healthcare, and especially digital health are changing rapidly as are the skill sets. Sometimes the changes are superficial, for example, terminology around AI and machine learning. Sometimes the changes are deeper; AI and machine learning are being used in truly novel ways. It’s important for community members to stay current with the industry’s language and vice-versa. I see profile optimization as an essential component of that ongoing process.

Q: Has this process changed the way you use LinkedIn?

PK: Definitely. I’m more interested in people who can articulate their professional interests and goals. I also listen more: It becomes clear who has something important to say and who doesn’t; who is passing along useful information and who isn’t. I’m engaging more with those people who have a positive LinkedIn presence.

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