Hi, it’s LinkedIn. You may not remember me … we met back in 2007 (through your boss) when I was much younger. I admit, I was a bit of a nerd. 

Anyway, we chatted a few times, but lost touch. I’ve tried to send you a few emails (or 40) to let you know a lot is going on with me, but you haven’t responded. 

I get that you have a lot going on, but I really do think you’d enjoy rekindling our relationship. 

I’ve really reinvented myself since we last hung out — I can introduce you to more than 575 million people!

What I’ve been up to …

I’ve become a real social butterfly since we last spent time together. You may remember that I used to share a lot of the periodicals I was reading. 

Now, I’d much prefer a lively conversation! In fact, the number of people engaging in those conversations by liking, commenting, and sharing has gone up 50-percent since last year — tens of thousands of comments are happening every hour.

I talk to new people all the time about a range of things … business, sports, personal goals and values, and it attracts a huge crowd.

Speaking of a huge crowd, you may remember that I used to be pretty cliquey, avoiding new people at all costs. I kept people in their own groups, discouraging them from speaking to one another. 

That’s all changed.

Now, I enjoy setting people up in new relationships. Please, reach out to new people! 

Networking is a fantastic way to expand your professional reach. When you see someone you’d like to learn more about, send a personal note and see what happens!

Speaking of reaching out to new people, there is another subject I’d like to go over: selling.

When you and I last spoke, overt selling wasn’t exactly encouraged. Now, we just ask that you not engage in bad selling. Ha! 

Okay, okay, in all seriousness, my mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Selling certainly falls under the category of success! 

I just have one recommendation: don’t do anything with me that you wouldn’t do face-to-face. It’s easy to get bold under the guise of a computer screen, but your sales tactics will work (and not work) the same online as they do off!

This same rule applies when you’re looking for a job or trying to form new partnerships — be yourself and good things will come to you.

Before you go …

I have a few tips for you to make the most out of our time together!

  • Make sure you have a profile picture – members with profile photos receive up to 21X more profile views, 36X more messages, and 9X more connection requests.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile by adding keywords and descriptions in every single section (there is a 2,000-character limit). The more you include, the easier it is to find you.
  • Start your own conversations and jump into others – it will help you be seen!
  • Have fun and be yourself!

About Chrissie Zavicar

Chrissie Zavicar is a LinkedIn specialist working with passionate entrepreneurs and professional athletes. To learn more about her services, visit her LinkedIn profile or contact page.