No, I’m not young enough to use that phrase, but it feels right in this instance.

I love Upwork for so many reasons. Having read a number of Pulse blogs on the subject, I’m not sure if I’m going against the grain or with it, but I’ll declare my affinity regardless.

How do I love Upwork? Let me cite the ways.

1. Upwork Boosts Confidence

Even the newest of newbies can be awarded a job on Upwork because there’s always someone with a $15 budget looking for someone to write 12 articles. I’m joking … mostly.

Do I think you should take a job to write 12 articles for $15? Of course not. My point is that you are tapping into an abundance of potential clients, so you should have no problem winning a job. Once you win that job, your confidence will rise. Trust me. I’m a freelance consultant who has experienced the lows of having zero clients. Getting a win is getting a win.

For depth on how to succeed on Upwork, check out my previous Pulse blog that touts making a full-time income on the platform.

2. Upwork Saves Time

Do you pay a fee for finding a client on Upwork? Yes, you pay 10 percent for everything you earn. Is it worth it? I think so, because the platform saves time by providing endless leads.

Think about it. If you utilize Google or Facebook ads, you’re spending cash. If you write blogs to pull in leads, you’re spending time. Either way, you’re spending. What’s the difference in paying Upwork?

If you pay 10 percent on the stipend you earn, it’s as though you paid for an ad that led to the job. If you are working hourly, all you have to do is up your rate so you make up the difference for what you would typically charge.


3. Upwork Expands My Reach

I have clients in Virginia, California, Ireland, the UK, and more. Could I have found those clients through my own website and social media? It’s possible, but Upwork gave me easy access to those prospects.

I love that my potential client base increases exponentially through the platform and that I can connect and work with people all around the world.

4. Upwork is the Perfect Complement

I definitely do not put all of my eggs in the Upwork basket. I have a number of lead generators as part of my consulting business that diversifies my client base. I would suggest the same for anyone looking into a freelance career.

Upwork is a fantastic place to start for reasons cited above. You will gain confidence and be able to focus on doing the work instead of looking for the work. Once you have a few jobs under your belt, you’ll be surprised with how quickly you can come up with your own lead generating tactics.

Ultimately there’s nothing to lose. It’s free to sign up and you can be selective with the jobs you choose to go for.

And, no, Upwork didn’t pay me to write this.