Meet Chrissie Zavicar, Podcast Guest + Speaker

Chrissie Zavicar is the president and CEO of e-Link Consulting. With more than 14 years experience in marketing and public relations, she works with e-Link Consulting’s clients to generate maximum visibility on LinkedIn through profile optimization, marketing blueprint, and ongoing support.

When Chrissie isn’t talking LinkedIn, you will find her attending a yoga class, at an activity with one (or all) of her three kids, or in an in-depth conversation about the enneagram (she is an 8w7).

Signature Talks

Get R.E.A.L. on LinkedIn: 4 Steps to Maximizing Your Marketing and Visibility

Learn the 4 steps that will increase your visibility and make the most of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, from connecting with the right people to creating content that your audience wants to nurturing relationships that turn into leads.

What is Your Linked Persona? Hint: It’s Not Like Anyone Else’s

Your LinkedIn persona isn’t necessarily all of who you are, but it must be genuinely you. If it isn’t genuinely you, users will see right through it. Learn the 3 key factors that make up your LinkedIn persona and that will attract the connections you want.

Find the Sweet Spot of Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Mix

Not sure what to post on LinkedIn to get the best results? It’s about finding the intersection of what your audience wants, what the platform wants, and what you want to deliver. Learn how to find your sweet spot and the importance of testing content to get the most out of your LinkedIn marketing.

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