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Chrissie Zavicar is the President and CEO of e-Link Consulting and the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer 0f Team 84, a company owned and operated by NFL All-Pro Herman Moore.

With more than 17 years experience in marketing and public relations – including 10 years overseeing the website and social media content for the Detroit Lions – Chrissie has a valuable perspective when it comes to brand and influencer voice.

She founded e-link Consulting in 2015, working with clients on LinkedIn profile optimization and marketing strategy. Then in 2019, she developed her own voice, growing her LinkedIn following from fewer than 2,000 to 20,000.

Her focus has been on her personal development journey, which includes sobriety, yoga, and integrating into a team business environment.

She is available to speak in both a keynote and workshop capacity for influencer events, professional development, networking events, and more.

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Keynote – Starting at $5,000

Finding Your Authentic Voice in the Workplace

We don’t stop being who we are just because we enter a 9-5 environment, which means engagement with colleagues, clients, and customers can be triggering and negatively impact your professional relationships. Find the balance between who you are individually and who you are professionally, while working toward being the healthiest version of you.

Get R.E.A.L. on LinkedIn: 4 Steps to Maximizing Your Marketing and Visibility

Learn the 4 steps that will increase your visibility and make the most of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, from connecting with the right people to creating content that your audience wants to nurturing relationships that turn into leads.

What is Your Linked Persona? Hint: It’s Not Like Anyone Else’s

Your LinkedIn persona isn’t necessarily all of who you are, but it must be genuinely you. If it isn’t genuinely you, users will see right through it. Learn the 3 key factors that make up your LinkedIn persona and that will attract the connections you want.

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Workshops – Starting at $2,500

Half-Day (3 hours)

Workshops are ideal for an executive, sales, or recruiting teams. You and your team will walk away with clear action steps for optimizing each person’s LinkedIn profile and company page, and for engaging on LinkedIn to generate visibility and leads.

The process begins with a 30-minute discovery call to uncover your organization’s specific needs, which will shape the presentation. One week prior to the workshop, you’ll receive comprehensive pre-work for all participants, which should be completed and brought to the event.

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