LinkedIn Visibility

LinkedIn Services for Individuals and Teams

LinkedIn is a rapidly-growing platform with significant opportunity for businesses.

No other social media platform lets you reach 180 million active users, knowing where they work, what position they hold, and whether they hold value for you and your business.

The key to anything you are looking to do on LinkedIn — generating leads, finding partnerships, a job, or hiring — is visibility.

To get visible on LinkedIn, this is how it works:

  1. Make relevant LinkedIn connections
  2. Post engaging content to generate likes and comments
  3. Likes and comments increase LinkedIn profile visibility
  4. Increased LinkedIn profile visibility results in prospects
  5. Prospects result in revenue

Sounds easy, right?

With the right knowledge and team behind you, it can be easy.

Chrissie Zavicar

e-Link Consulting specializes in helping businesses like yours grow using LinkedIn.

STEP 1: LinkedIn Profile Optimization

This is your personal sales page on LinkedIn, which is why optimization is a critical first step to generating leads, partnerships, hiring, or job opportunities.

When your LinkedIn profile is optimized, it will:

  • Speak specifically to your target audience
  • Include relevant search terms
  • Draw in your audience using your headline
  • Lead your audience through the sales process with readable copy

STEP 2: LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

If you aren’t sure what steps it takes to grow your network or you have no idea what relevant content looks like, our LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint is an ideal next step. The LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint provides the following:

  • Customized search criteria
  • Personalized connection request language
  • Suggested post styles
  • Article/blog sharing strategy
  • Company page post strategy

STEP 3: Ongoing LinkedIn Marketing Support

Our ongoing LinkedIn marketing support is the North Star for engaging on the platform. We will help you generate engaging content and then provide ongoing communication for liking, commenting, and speaking with prospects.

Cutting Through the Fluff

Maggie Patterson

Chrissie’s guidance and knowledge helped me revamp my LinkedIn profile to help get more attention and generate more leads. Since updating my profile, I’ve had multiple people from my network reach out to me to talk about working together.

If you want to use LinkedIn to generate legit leads and grow your business, listen to Chrissie. She cuts through the fluff from other LinkedIn experts and is my go-to for all things LinkedIn.

Maggie Patterson
Scoop Studios


Generating Sales

Michael Bonner

We hired Chrissie to help us find connections that could be potential customers or strategic partners. Her work has allowed me to reach a much larger crowd than I would have been able to myself. She has done a great job converting connections to leads, which has led to growth in our B2B sales and repeat business.

Michael Bonner
Iron Tree Service

Start with your LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Marketing Blueprint and then move on to one of these packages:

Individual Package

$ 1000 / monthly
  • 1 30-Minute Content Call
  • 4 Optimized LinkedIn Posts
  • 50 Personalized Connection Requests
  • 100 Company Page Invites
  • LinkedIn Inbox Management

Enterprise Package

$ 3500 / monthly
  • 1 45-Minute Content Interview
  • 1 Team Consulting Call
  • 4 Optimized LinkedIn Posts for Company Influencer
  • 4 Optimized Company Page Posts
  • 100 Personalized Connection Requests
  • 100 Company Page Invites
  • LinkedIn Inbox Management for Company Influencer
  • Ongoing Strategy Including Content and Profile Management