LinkedIn Profile Optimization

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

You Know You Need To Do More With LinkedIn.

With more than 180 million active users, LinkedIn truly is the Little Black Book of today’s business landscape.

You know you can do more with the platform.

Every day accounts for untapped potential to generate business leads, form partnerships, and garner countless other business opportunities.

That is where e-link Consulting can help.

We work individuals and business teams, going over the ins and outs of the platform and LinkedIn algorithm.

We help individuals and business teams build an authentic brand voice based on your target audience and your company goals.

Most importantly, we help you create quality business relationships.

To learn more about what e-link Consulting can do for you, book a call.

e-Link Consulting

What is LinkedIn Profile Optimization?

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal sales page, which is why LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a critical first step to generating leads, partnerships, hires, or a job.

When your LinkedIn profile is optimized, it’ll:

  • Speak specifically to your target audience
  • Include relevant search terms
  • Draw in your audience using your headline
  • Lead your audience through the sales process with readable copy

At e-Link Consulting we refer to this as the LinkedIn Funnel System.

Once your LinkedIn profile is optimized, the next steps include growing your network and posting content. As you add relevant connections and post engaging content, your visibility will grow. Then, as your visibility grows, users will view your LinkedIn profile and that profile will entice them to reach out.

Increased Results and Engagement

Paul Kearney

Profile optimization was a lot more intense and more rewarding than I expected. We didn’t make an incremental update to my profile, we rewrote it. I really appreciated Chrissie’s process; professional and personal. She listened and asked insightful questions. Professionally, who am I in 125 characters? How have my experiences shaped me? What is my professional story? Etc. When she came back with copy I was blown away.

Dr. Paul Kearney
BioTech Entrepreneur

Are you ready to get started? Choose from the following options:

Individual: LinkedIn Profile & Marketing Plan

$ 1,500 / one-time fee
This is ideal for an influencer or business owner wanting to generate leads.

  • Profile Optimization
  • Business Page Optimization
  • LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

Enterprise: Consulting Session

$ 2,500 / one-time fee
A consulting session brings in you and your team to go over LinkedIn best practices.

  • 30-minute discovery call
  • LinkedIn profile + page audit
  • 60-minute consult