LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

Marketing Blueprint

If you aren’t sure what steps to grow your network or you have no idea what relevant content for this platform looks like, our LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint is an ideal next step.

The LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint provides the following:

  • Customized search criteria
  • Personalized connection request language
  • Suggested post styles
  • Article/blog sharing strategy
  • Company page post strategy
LInkedIn Marketing Blueprint
Chrissie Wywrot

The LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint provides a detailed roadmap for engaging on LinkedIn.

Finding the Missing Link

Jeanette Stein

I needed help with a sales page for my business and turned to Chrissie for help. I truly felt a sense of relief when I recognized that she could take what I built and make it better. She was able to take all of the “stuff” I created over the years and made the puzzle pieces work together. Her talents are finding the “holes in the funnel” and the “missing links” to put together a stronger and more predictable business. Whether those holes are sales page copy, email composition, SEO for your blog posts, social media headlines, (I’m sure there is more!) or putting it all together. I am so excited to find someone that is finding my weak spots and is also willing to discuss them with me and fix them with me. Yes “with me” is double on purpose. It made me excited about my website again.

Jeanette Stein
High School Math Teachers

Purchase a LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint as an Individual or Company:

Individual: LinkedIn Profile & Marketing Plan

$ 1500 / one-time fee
This is ideal for an influencer or business owner wanting to generate leads.

  • Profile Optimization
  • Business Page Optimization
  • LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

Enterprise: Consulting Session

$ 2500 / one-time fee
A consulting session brings in you and your team to go over LinkedIn best practices.

  • 30-minute discovery call
  • LinkedIn profile + page audit
  • LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint
  • 60-minute consult