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We Capture Your Voice

The most important aspect of your LinkedIn presence is YOU.

If you don’t plan to add your voice to your profile, your strategy won’t work. While we won’t BE YOU for you, we’ll save you a lot of time by telling you what to do and when to do it.

We Market Your Best

We’ll see the very best in you and your business, incorporating it into your strategy.

A core benefit of working with e-Link Consulting is our ability to see your most marketable qualities and turn those qualities into engaging content.

We Reflect Your Business

Your LinkedIn sales strategy will reflect your business sales cycle.

There are no shortcuts. If potential clients must be nurtured for two to three months before they buy, the same will be true on LinkedIn. If you can reach out cold and convert, the same will be true on LinkedIn.

Accountability and Increased Visibility

Blair Thielemier

Generating more visibility on LinkedIn has been so important in the growth of my business. When I decided I was ready to take it to the next level, I hired Chrissie to help me get there and keep me accountable for posting regularly.

Every step of the way, Chrissie has focused on doing what works best for me and made the process painless. She’s given me peace of mind, while helping me stand out on LinkedIn.

Thanks to our work together, I’ve increased my visibility on LinkedIn while being offered collaborations, speaking engagements and am seen as an expert in my field I’ve been able to fill up my webinars and has been great for sharing my message and helping more pharmacists in my membership community.

Blair Thielemier
BT Pharmacy Consulting

Services We Provide

e-Link Consulting can be your North Star providing you with the direction you need to get results on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal sales page, which is why LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a critical first step to generating leads, partnerships, hires, or a job.

LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

If you aren’t sure what steps to grow your network or you have no idea what relevant content for this platform looks like, our LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint is an ideal next step.

LinkedIn Visibility & Ongoing Support

The key to anything you are looking to do on LinkedIn — generating leads, finding partnerships, a job, or hiring — is visibility.

LinkedIn Workshops & Presentations

e-Link Consulting’s President and CEO Chrissie Wywrot is available for on-site Workshops or Presentations.

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