smss-image-101116Doing what works isn’t always easy. Or convenient. Or pleasant.

As a digital marketing consultant, I sometimes find myself in a position of having to explain to a client why he or she should do something that fits within the aforementioned category. It’s tough, especially since I don’t always have stats readily available to support what I know to be true.

That’s why I registered for Social Media Success Summit — to have access to an amazing panel of experts that would support and add to the knowledge I already have.

So far I haven’t been disappointed.

What I Already Knew to be True

Heading into SMSS, I already knew that video was king. After all, Facebook embraced the idea of being provider of all videos which means we all have to follow suit or be banned to a world of zero engagement (aka algorithm hell).

Live video has become “the thing” for businesses (and direct sales individuals) to take advantage of because:

  • It pushes out a notification to your followers/friends announcing you’re live – instant promotion!
  • Once you are finished recording, an archived video lives on your page or profile.
  • Facebook loves videos, which earns you special treatment on the news feed. Think of it as your child being on his or her best behavior in order to get dessert. Give Facebook what it wants and you will get more of what you want: exposure!

What Presenters Validated

We are barely into the second week of SMSS and I’m blown away by the volume of quality content. I have watched a handful of presentations live (others I can listen or watch on demand), all giving me applicable information I can use immediately.

  • Amy Schmittauer is the founder of Savvy Sexy Social. Her presentation supported the notion that chronicling our story through video is critical to developing a brand message. She also drove the point home that businesses must engage with each social media platform differently.
  • Mari Smith is a top Facebook Marketing Expert. Mari dug into the dreaded Facebook algorithm, reminding us social media marketers that achieving organic reach is something that takes time, effort, and VIDEO.
  • Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted presented seven visual marketing tools to help posts stand out. After hearing Amy and Mari talk about the “what,” it was awesome to receive the “how” from Donna!

What Worked Immediately

I put the advice and tools of all three ladies into practice right away and saw immediate results. Even better? The results were with two brand new clients who hired me to expand their Facebook reach.

Both clients already have established audiences and thriving businesses, but were missing the mark on Facebook. Video is something I was already pushing prior to SMSS, but receiving expert advice from Amy, Mari, and Donna had me packing a bit more of a punch.

Though one of these clients had to step outside her comfort zone and the other had to make the time to make the video, both took the leap and both saw an immediate increase in reach!

That is what I am loving about SMSS — it is showing me that my expertise is right on track while providing me with tangible resources to back it up!

Can’t wait for the next 2 1/2 weeks!