This was the first week of the Social Media Success Summit and I’m having a blast!

The idea of attending a conference in my workout clothes that I listen to on demand while driving was too good to pass up. It doesn’t hurt that all of the presenters are the top in their fields! Kudos to Social Media Examiner for providing this incredible resource.

One of my favorite presentations so far has been Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social. She was tasked (off the cuff, mind you) with attributing each social media platform with a party you would attend.

Now, I fully appreciate this exercise because I have numerous clients who say things like, “I don’t even understand the purpose of {insert social media platform here} — I just don’t get it!”

Well, Amy’s analogies will help you understand.

Facebook: A Family Reunion

I am 34 years old and I’m finally starting to feel old. I’ve heard many sub-30 individuals refer to Facebook as the platform “for old people.” That’s when I finally looked around and recognized … it is for old people!

Unfortunately — for those who hate it — that Facebook family reunion is a necessity for just about every business because everyone’s there. Regardless, dress like you’re about to meet Aunt Hilga. And, if you have a new beauty product for Aunt Hilga to try, Facebook is the place to be.

Twitter: A Networking Event

I will admit that I have semi-recently fallen madly in love with Twitter. Many clients have expressed to me their misunderstanding of Twitter’s purpose, but it is a fantastic place to talk to influencers and get on their radar.

It’s crazy that Twitter has turned into a B2B platform and PR tool, but it totally has. Even better are the improvements the platform has made to prove to the world it can be monetized. I see you, Twitter. I see you.

SnapChat … or … Snap: A Rave

Okay, Snapchat is now just “Snap” and, frankly, the platform scares me a tad. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Sometimes I feel like it’s the place to be and other times I feel like the grandma who stumbled into a high school party.

Amy was dead on when she called it a rave (she then clarified that she had never actually been to a rave … sure, Amy), because it’s a huge party where anything goes. If you’re looking for all the young people, head over to Snap(chat). Now, Instagram has replicated Snap(chat)’s efforts with Instavideos, but it’s not the same.

Party on.

Instagram: Fashion Week

Yes, Amy. Yes. Fashion Week. Instagram is classy. If you’re looking to visually promote your business, it is the place to be. Now, I don’t have much else to say about it from a social media marketing standpoint, so I’ll go off on a small tangent.

I hear all the time how people “fake” their lives on Instagram, staging items to make their lives seem perfect. Sure, you see the beautiful dinner on the plate, but do you see the piles of dishes and the mess in the background?

I get that argument, but, really … who cares? I think Instagram is a beautiful platform to showcase art, whether that art is food, kids, or scenery. If I’m pretending all I do is sit by the pool with my computer all day, who cares? It’s art. Carry on.

Honorable Mentions

Amy didn’t have time to get to all the platforms, so I’ll add a few:

  • Pinterest: A scrapbooking party or teacher meeting
  • LinkedIn: A travel-for-work conference
  • Google+: College orientation – you go out of necessity
  • YouTube: A frat party

Do you have any fun descriptions for social media platforms? Add them in the comments!