As a female entrepreneur, do you ever struggle with confidence? Does it eat you up inside, knowing you need to have it all together if you’re going to succeed in business?

I totally get it.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for two-and-a-half years. I can honestly say I’ve struggled with confidence and it’s killed me, primarily because I’m a confident person in life.

I’ve seen other amazing, confident, talented women go through the same thing. They have so much to offer, yet struggle to price themselves, come up with specific services, and target clients.

What is it about business that opens us up to self-doubt?

The Real Problem

I have fantastic news for you. You don’t have a confidence problem. Confidence is a secondary emotion in this case, bubbling up to the surface because you are grasping at straws.

So, what is the real problem?


Think about it. You are super talented with a ton of skills. You have countless services you can offer potential clients. But when you get them on the phone and they ask the simple question — What do you do? — you aren’t quite sure what to say.

Oh, you end up saying a lot anyway. You find yourself babbling about this and that, up and down, blah, blah, blah, until the prospect on the other end of the line asks, “Okay, so what do you charge?”

Crap! You don’t have a concise answer for that either! What is wrong with you? Shouldn’t this be simple?

Yes, it should be simple and, frankly, it is simple. The key is finding the right person to pull that clarity out of you.

The 5-Day Clarity Challenge

Just last week, I participated in the 5 Day Clarity Challenge by Adria DeCorte. I went in without a ton of expectation … I was simply hoping for a bit more insight into my growing business.

Well, let me tell you. She blew my socks off.

Ever since I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve juggled the library of services I offer: content and social media strategy, writing, website management, public and media relations, and more. Since creating my website, I’ve niched and pared down the offerings to get more and more targeted.

While I’ve found success, I still felt something was missing. I’ve been more reactive than proactive in my prospect calls, asking “What do you need?” instead of stating, “Let me tell you what I offer.”

It’s a small nuance that makes a huge difference. Going through the 5-Day Clarity Challenge helped me make that shift. Through Adria’s daily activities, I (easily) pinpointed the theme around everything I offer: authenticity.

Hold up, you may be thinking, authenticity isn’t a service.

No, it’s not … and that’s why I’ve struggled to pinpoint exactly what I offer. Adria helped me recognize that authenticity is my primary skill while social media, content, PR, etc., are the tools I use to execute that skill.

Clarity Begets Confidence

The clarity provided through Adria’s challenge has been business-changing. I now recognize that everything I offer is fueled by authenticity and helping business owners and thought leaders convey their authentic messages.

What’s more, I have a crystal-clear focus of who I’m targeting and – perhaps more important – who I need to run far, far away from. I love working with passionate, authentic people, driven by a desire to help others.

Now, isn’t that statement is a far cry from, “I manage social media and write blogs?” Aren’t you way more intrigued by the first statement?

If you are struggling with clarity – especially if you are trying to get over a hump in your business – I highly recommend working with Adria. Not only is she talented at what she does, she’s genuine, sweet, and will motivate you to get the best for yourself.

Please know that she did not compensate me at all for writing this. The clarity she provided me has made such an impact, I want to help her extend her message for her Be-The-Expert Bootcamp!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, but believe me when I tell you that you won’t be sorry for choosing to work with her!