Authentic Influencers

Authentic Influencers

Cultivate a LinkedIn Community that Converts!

You see them on LinkedIn. The Influencers.

Everything they post generates countless likes and comments.

Their posts are always at the top of your feed.

You don’t get it … you know you could do what they’re doing.

In fact, you’ve tried to do what they’re doing.

For some reason, when you try it, it doesn’t work.

What gives?

Authentic Influencers

How can you cultivate your own following that converts into new business?

The answer is by finding your own Authentic Influence.

When you tap into what is authentically you, you naturally attract others.

That doesn’t mean you show all of who you are.

It means you curate the parts that will entertain, inspire, or inform your audience as a way to draw in an audience.

You’re already fabulous.

Authentic Influencers will simply shine a spotlight.

Leveraging My Authenticity

Herman Moore

Chrissie has helped me take my stories and produce content that is both helpful to my audience and that provides insight into my business.

Herman Moore

What do you receive as an Authentic Influencer?

1. Expertise and Guidance

You will have personal access to Chrissie Zavicar and her 17 years of professional experience that includes seven years as a LinkedIn consultant for athletes, influencers, and businesses, and 10 years experience overseeing digital media for the Detroit Lions.

2. Peer Support

Authentic Influencers is a mastermind: a group of people who work within the same space and can provide insight and feedback to one another. You will not only learn from Chrissie and the program content, you will learn from one another’s questions and lived experiences!

3. An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

The program will provide step-by-step guidance and feedback to optimizing your LinkedIn profile to act as a sales page for your business.

4. A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

With help from Chrissie and the group, you will create a detailed LinkedIn marketing strategy that provides a clear path from content to conversion. It will include a content strategy, funnel, and newsletter.

5. A New Expertise

You will finish this 16-week program with insight you didn't have before, able to teach others within your business how to leverage the power of LinkedIn and how to support you in your new efforts as an influencer!

Accountability and Increased Visibility

Blair Thielemier

Generating more visibility on LinkedIn has been so important in the growth of my business. When I decided I was ready to take it to the next level, I hired Chrissie to help me get there and keep me accountable for posting regularly.

Every step of the way, Chrissie has focused on doing what works best for me and made the process painless. She’s given me peace of mind, while helping me stand out on LinkedIn.

Thanks to our work together, I’ve increased my visibility on LinkedIn while being offered collaborations, speaking engagements and am seen as an expert in my field I’ve been able to fill up my webinars and has been great for sharing my message and helping more pharmacists in my membership community.

Blair Thielemier
BT Pharmacy Consulting

Understanding our Value Proposition

Carol Cox

I wanted a stronger LinkedIn profile that reflected our new target market and offering. I watched Chrissie’s LinkedIn posts and what a great job she does with fun and engaging content. The profile that Chrissie wrote was fantastic.

She took the time to understand our value proposition and what makes us unique, and I’ve received more LinkedIn connection requests and interest in our programs. I rave about her all the time to people I talk to who need LinkedIn services!

Carol Cox

Will you get results?

Let Chrissie's partners and clients do the talking.

Blair Thielemier, owner of BT Pharmacy Consulting, has leveraged e-link Consulting's LinkedIn services since December of 2018. Her following has grown more than 50% and she continues to leverage the platform to launch and support her Elevate Pharmacy Summit and Inner Circle Mastermind program.

"Thanks to our work together, I've increased my visibility on LinkedIn while being offered collaborations, speaking engagements and am seen as an expert in my field I've been able to fill up my webinars and has been great for sharing my message and helping more pharmacists in my membership community." - Blair Thielemier

Lori Taylor, Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms, has nearly tripled her LinkedIn following since March 2019. As her influencer status has risen in the world of agriculture and entrepreneurship, Lori's LinkedIn visibility has risen right along with it.

Herman Moore, Founder & CEO of Team 84 and NFL All-Pro, has worked with Chrissie since January 2020. While Herman's status and influence speaks for itself, Chrissie's framework has helped amplify Herman's content and extend his digital footprint.

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  • Weekly Zoom calls (training & coaching on LinkedIn strategy with hot seats for feedback)
  • Basecamp access for questions and written feedback
  • Private LinkedIn group with participants
  • A committed group of professionals that will support you on and off LinkedIn!
  • Sign up by Dec. 31 to receive two 60-min strategy sessions to use during the program!