Chrissie Zavicar, President & CEO

The start of e-Link Consulting began in late 2015 when Chrissie was asked to write a professional’s LinkedIn profile and she quickly saw the potential in the platform.

After several years of working on LinkedIn for clients, and Microsoft’s acquisition of the platform in 2016, she realized there was a growing need for specialization in LinkedIn.

In 2018, Chrissie made LinkedIn her core offering, helping six- and seven-figure businesses gain visibility on the platform. In addition to her client services, Chrissie teaches LinkedIn strategy through presentations and workshops and is also a LinkedIn Local – Ann Arbor host.

Chrissie’s career began in sports, when she began working with the Detroit Lions in 2005. Chrissie had the honor of opening the Detroit Lions’ Facebook account, doing the same for Twitter and Instagram. What Chrissie found was that she was pretty darn good at social media.

In her role with the Lions she learned how to get inside the heads of the fans and deliver the type of content they were looking for. Having built the team’s social media fan base, Chrissie was ready to start her own business.

When Chrissie isn’t talking LinkedIn, you will find her working as the CMO of Team 84 LLC, at an activity with one (or all) of her three kids, or in an in-depth conversation about the enneagram (she is an 8w7).

If you are interested in learning more about working with Chrissie and e-Link Consulting, visit our contact page!