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Learn what makes our approach to LinkedIn different.

We Capture Your Voice

The most important aspect of your LinkedIn presence is YOU.

If you don’t plan to add your voice to your profile, your strategy won’t work. While we won’t BE YOU for you, we’ll save you a lot of time by telling you what to do and when to do it.

We Market Your Best

We’ll see the very best in you and your business, incorporating it into your strategy.

A core benefit of working with e-Link Consulting is our ability to see your most marketable qualities and turn those qualities into engaging content.

We Reflect Your Business

Your LinkedIn sales strategy will reflect your business sales cycle.

There are no shortcuts. If potential clients must be nurtured for two to three months before they buy, the same will be true on LinkedIn. If you can reach out cold and convert, the same will be true on LinkedIn.

Save Yourself Time

Chrissie not only saved me time, but she’s incredibly proficient and knowledgeable in LinkedIn. I knew that LinkedIn was a place for us to find new clients and potential speaking engagements, but we had no idea how the platform worked and no time to figure it out. I’ve worked with a lot of people on services based interactions and what I love about this is I’m brought into the process where it’s most important to our brand and left out when it’s not something I need to spend my time on. If your people are on LinkedIn and you don’t have time, this buys back time in your business to help warm up the leads instead of spending time going after them.

Kate Ahl
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Services We Provide

e-Link Consulting can be your North Star providing you with the direction you need to get results on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal sales page, which is why LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a critical first step to generating leads, partnerships, hires, or a job.

LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint

If you aren’t sure what steps to grow your network or you have no idea what relevant content for this platform looks like, our LinkedIn Marketing Blueprint is an ideal next step.

LinkedIn Visbility & Ongoing Support

The key to anything you are looking to do on LinkedIn — generating leads, finding partnerships, a job, or hiring — is visibility.

LinkedIn Workshops & Presentations

e-Link Consulting offers a variety of options, from in-person workshops and presentations to LinkedIn Office Hours Virtual Sessions.

Meet Our Team

We specialize in LinkedIn profile optimization and visibility, setting you up to generate leads, partnerships, hires, or to find a job.

Chrissie Zavicar
Chrissie Zavicar
Founder & CEO
Chrissie Zavicar is the Founder and CEO of e-Link Consulting. With more than 17 years experience in marketing and public relations, she works with e-Link Consulting’s clients to generate maximum visibility on LinkedIn through profile optimization, marketing blueprint, and ongoing support.
Robin Elton
Business Operations Manager
Robin is the behind-the-scenes mastermind of e-Link Consulting’s operations and client services. She’s responsible for social media and content management, website management, and research and development.

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