LinkedIn is a rapidly-growing platform

with massive organic reach, ideal for lead generation, finding partnerships, job seeking and hiring.

As someone who relies on one or all of these areas for your business, you know you should be on LinkedIn, but you are probably struggling with one of the following:

  • You (self-admittedly) have no idea where to start. Frankly, the entire platform overwhelms you.
  • The few times you have posted to LinkedIn, the results have been fantastic, but you don’t have time to maintain it yourself.
  • You don’t know “LinkedIn etiquette.” Should you reach out to people you don’t know? Send them a private message? How do you grow your network?
  • You need to write your LinkedIn profile, but get stuck every time. Do you upload a resume or write something from scratch? The entire thing is confusing so you don’t do anything.
e-Link Consulting


If you need a partner to work with you and help you generate content, posts, and engagement, take a look at our LinkedIn Visibility services.
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If you need your LinkedIn profile optimized for your business, job or hiring search, check out our LinkedIn Profile Optimization services.
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With more than 17 years experience in marketing and public relations, Chrissie has a valuable perspective when it comes to brand and influencer voice.
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